18.09.2013  20:52

Vyacheslav Rusnak: “It`s very important to make a victorious start”

Вячеслав Руснак: «Очень важно начать с победы»

The acting head coach of the Moldavian side Vyacheslav Rusnak spoke to the media prior to the match vs Sheriff:

-    What`s your take on the opponent? Anji has a good roster but gained no win this season…

-    We had a typical problem. We`ve analyzed the opponent`s previous games. Anji shows good play and victories aren`t far off.

-    Taking into account the tourney strategy, this is a group stage, what`s the importance of any concrete match?

-    It`s very important to make a victorious start, so that to obtain a self-confidence.

-    If tomorrow`s match ends in a draw - will such outcome be treated as good?

-    Of course, you always want to win.

-    Are there any injured players on the team?

-    No, there aren`t.

-    Gadzhi Gadzhiev hasn`t arrived to Tiraspol as he doesn`t feel well. Will it be an advantage for you?

- No, I don`t think that Gadzhiev`s absence will make it easier for us.

-    You, probably, watched the news about Anji. Wasn`t it a shock for you when all the leaders left the team?

-    I didn`t expect it. Perhaps, this is for the better, as there will be more local players on the squad.

Бенджамен Балима

Forward of FC Sheriff Benjamin Balima took part in the conference:

-    Whom are you acquainted with among the Anji players?

-    It`s Traore, as he makes appearances for the Cote D`Ivoire national team. I`ve recently known that Anji signed one more player from that country – Razak, but I don`t know whether he`ll take the field tomorrow.

-    What can you say about Traore, as top European clubs show interest in him?

-    I`ve watched his play, he`s a very strong footballer. However, despite that the opponent can boast such player, we are able to win.

-    This is the third group tourney for Sheriff. Isn`t it time to advance from the group?

-    That`s true, we play in the group stage for the third time already. Well and good. As we`re gained good experience and, perhaps, this time the players will take the tourney more seriously and go further.