20.09.2013  00:15

Vyacheslav Rusnak: ‘Draw is an optimal result’

Acting head coach of the Moldovan team Vyacheslav Rusnak gave his commentary briefly after the game.

-    The score is rather good, but you always want more. We could make a last-gasp goal, but good luck didn`t favour us. I think we`ll do it better in the future.

-    The team seemed to abuse the ball control in the first half. In the second one you used to suddenly switch to attack. Was it a game plan?

-    Until the halftime we made more long-distance passes, it`s because of emotions. We started to contest in strength and combats. In the second half we got relaxed and leveled the play a bit.  

-    Does the draw reflect the run of play?

-    I think yes, the scoreless draw is an optimal result.

   Has Anji team met your expectations?

-    In principle, yes. But we expected that Solomatin and Traore would start the game.

-    What grade would you give to Sheriff on a five-point scale?

-    I think, four.