12.10.2011  20:56

Third round


At the general meeting of Non-profit Partnership of Russian Football Premier League there were made some amendments to the calendar of season – 2011/2012 of Russian Football Premier League.

Thus, two tours of the third round of the Championship will take place during the current calendar year. The 31st tour will be held from the 18th to 21st November while the 32nd tour – from 25th to 28th November.

Then the teams will go on winter holidays, the matches of the third round will be resumed in next civil year: the 33rd tour starts on 3rd March. The Championship will end on May, 12.

Fixtures of the first “eight” will be drawn up manually. The toss is to take place after the 30th tour. Matches of the 29th and 30th tours are not to be conducted at the same time.