26.09.2011  17:21

Special match, special mood

The day before match Anji – Terek representatives of Daghestani team shared their opinion on the clash.

Andrey Gordeev, coach:

Andrey Lvovich, the team had two difficult matches in a row, moreover in Cup match it had to play 120 minutes except of 90. What can you say about the players` physical condition for the time being?

-    That`s the question we are working on. Players who participated in those games have a light workout, while others train more. I think that everything is going be all right close to the match vs Terek.

Do the players realize a specific importance of the forthcoming clash?

-    We never play unimportant matches. Every win brings three points. At the same time the players are indeed in the know of “Caucasian Derby” and set their hearts on striving for the victory. 

Fans wonder why Jan Holenda is absent?

-    Yes, he dropped out for a while because of inflammation of Achilles tendon. But we expect him to come back and provide benefit for the team.

Shamil Lakhiyalov:

Shamil, do you succeed in getting fit and one might say feel the rhythm of play?

-    I cannot feel the rhythm of play due to small time interval I spend on the pitch. Coaches are likely to take care of me. (Smiling.) But I`m absolutely ready for today and hope I`ll be given opportunity to play more in next battle.

Terek is not the unknown team for you: as you played there for a couple of years, were favorite player Grozny fans, your friend Shamil Asildarov still makes appearances for the team. Do you think that this match will bring another interesting derby into the thriftbox of  Russian Championship?

-    Well, this derby took this origin much earlier than our relationship with Shamil. Meets of Daghestani and Chechen clubs always caused heighted interest of football fans. Local players of Anji are no doubt familiar with the specific status of this match, as for our newcomers, they will see everything themselves close to the match.