15.09.2013  21:54

Ruslan Agalarov: “Our play deserved a win”

Anji youth team`s head coach Ruslan Agalarov gave his commentary on the match:

-    Ruslan Agabekovich, congratulations on the victory! Long-range flight, hard field and convincing win after all. Are you satisfied with the team play?

-    Yes, I`ve congratulated the guys on the win. They see themselves they`ve played a good match. I think we deserved a win today. I`d point out the players` practiced set play and high self-commitment – and this is after a long-range flight.

-    The opposing team`s manager noted that the coaching on Anji team is well run. May one say that the players have fulfilled the coach`s instruction?

-    I think no coach will tell it and won`t be totally satisfied with the play. Of course, I`m thankful to my colleague for the warm words addressed to me. But I think that first the guys get gradually united.

Those lads who train with the first team have a motivation now, they`ve got something to aspire to. Group of players of Anji B-team was registered for the Europa League matches. Perhaps, they won`t go anywhere and won`t take the field, but this is a stimulus, a good motivation for them.

Young players must know that they are a spot of attention and they`ve a chance to prove themselves.