05.10.2011  21:36

Ruslan Agalarov: “I believe in all my boys”

Ruslan Agalarov

Today in the base of Anji (on the Caspian shore between Makhachkala and Sulak) training camp of our youth team has started. Coach of Anji-youth Ruslan Agalarov speaks about it in detail.

- Except the players of our team we have also invited for the trial the younger boys, born in 1994-1995. We assess their basic features such as: speed of motion and thinking, physical state, stubbornness in combats, ambitions etc. It goes without saying that a talented boy will be certainly invited to work with the team.

youth team

As for the pitch, I cannot say it`s ideal but it allows to perform the built plan of the work. It`s certainly better than those conditions we had before. Besides, there is a hill in the base and we use this factor in our trainings.

I believe in all my boys and treat them as future players of Anji first squad. I try to breathe this hope in the guys and convince them that if the work is done seriously even mountains can be removed. But this is for future. As for today, we have to work over technical defects. It`s inevitable as we still deal with the representatives of so-called “asphalt generation”, i.e. those whose work skills were laid on the cover that has nothing to do with modern football.   

youth team

However, if the boy is physically sound, remarkable for combativity and is ready to grow overcoming his weakness – we`ll give him our best shot. Theoretical and psychological work – inseparable part of every coach`s tasks. The most important for the player is to realize that all depends on him, on his conscientious treatment of the problem.

In any way the possibility to work in this base – is a big progress for us. Firstly, the players train on the natural pitch. Secondly, the field is totally at our disposal as earlier we had to share the artificial pitch of Sokol stadium with others trying to keep within the tight schedule. Thirdly, this is a real base: you can arrange meal and rest for the boys, conduct theoretical practice etc. Some nonresidents (players from Khasavurt, Kizlyar and other towns) stay here for a night, they won`t waste time on going home and can prepare for next trainings.