17.07.2013  18:47

Race instead of warm-up

Эстафета вместо разминкиAnji team continues preparing for the second match of SOGAZ – Russian Football Championship.

After several dull and cloudy days a real summer set in Moscow again: the temperature reached 28 degrees above zero.

The practice was held at the Luzhniki Sports Complex.

Эстафета вместо разминки

Instead of the warm-up the players were instructed to do a race, two legs of which ended in a 1-1 tie.

Эстафета вместо разминки

Then the players worked in trimmed squares, three players controlled the ball being pressed by one opponent.

Эстафета вместо разминки

The following point of the training program was a two-sided game 8-8.

And again, the players of one of the teams scored in a standard goal, while another team used two small goals. The White team triumphed over the Blue team in the final.

Эстафета вместо разминки

At the end of the practice a part of the players did muscle-strengthening exercises.

Another group was instructed to do exercises using plastic walls, but the players didn`t take free kicks, instead they improved converting of attacks through chip passes into shots on goal.

Эстафета вместо разминки

Time of the practice`s duration was 1 hour and 55 minutes.