27.09.2016  14:44

Pavel Vrba: “I`m ready to award extra bonus to Belenov”


Anji head coach Pavel Vrba:

- We made a bad debut. We were not consistent, especially at the opponent`s set pieces. That`s why we were punished by two goals.

All this looked not the best way. But I`m glad we managed to score two equalizers.

I want to thank my players, who didn`t give up. The earned point is much, because it`s hard to earn them with such team as Zenit.

-  Some time ago you said in your interview, that four matches from Orenburg to Zenit will show the level of Anji. Can you formulate: what`s the level of Anji?

The earned points and our position in the standings correspond to what we wanted. You see the team has been renewed.

Some footballers joined the team in the last moment before the closure of the transfer window.

Unfortunately, separate footballers didn`t receive complete training workload before joining the club – they`re injured or on rehab procedure. The stabilization process will go on until the end of the current year. We want to increase our level within the upcoming half a year.

Belenov is an absolute man of the match. Earlier when he saved a penalty in three consecutive games, you said you`ll address the direction asking to award him additional prize. Are you ready to address again with typical request?

-  Who`s the leader of the team according to you? 

-  Many new players joined the team. It`s up to the team to decide the leader. I believe we have footballers able to become leaders and I hope they`ll approve themselves.

I don`t want to praise Belenov much, but he corresponds to the status of the team`s leader most.