23.09.2013  12:42

Pavel Solomatin: ‘We could do with it’

Anji forward Pavel Solomatin gave his commentary briefly after the game vs Volga:

-    Pasha, the match turned out so emotional. We let in 2 early goals, at the same time, till the end of the match we maintained a chance lead it to the win. What did you come short of?

-    We had everything enough: our team played better and deserved a draw at least. I think the referee destroyed our play.

-    There were two disputable episodes. When the arbiter annulled a goal in the first half, were you the first to catch the ball there?

-    I wouldn`t like to give detailed commentary of it. I repeat the referee didn`t let us play.

-    As to the second case, Andrey Gusin noted at the press conference, the episode when you headed the ball and the goalkeeper jumped into you deserved a penalty.
-    No comments again. Let him be responsible for those episodes. I hope he`ll get full punishment.

-    How was your physical state? Too less time passed after the European Cup match plus you had a flight from Moldova…

-    Honestly speaking, I was fine. Our masseurs worked well. We`ll train for the match vs CSKA.