22.09.2011  16:37

Nukri Revishvili: “Pity to have lost such match”

Shortly after the match vs Dinamo Anji players shared their opinion on the game.

Roberto Carlos:

- The game was nice. Unfortunately we conceded an offensive goal, moreover there was also foul against our defender. Well, now we have to prepare for the forthcoming match of Russian Championship vs Terek.

Nukri Revishvili:

- It`s a pity to have lost such a match. If we lost on penalties it would not be so offensive…We played well, held out but…Yes, in that episode when we let in goal I ran to the arbiter to show my protest as I had seen foul against Agalarov – Kuranyi was holding him. Then I was told that there was also offside. But now it does not matter, match is over. That`s offending as we really played well. There was a moment when we had a defense play but on whole we gave return attacks, stood physically all 120 minutes. The only thing we have to do now is to switch to the championship and prepare for next battle.