18.09.2013  12:43

Mikhail Kerzhakov: ‘We don`t sort the games by tourneys and train for every single match’

The goalkeeper of the Makhachkala team Mikhail Kerzhakov gave his commentary prior to the guest match vs Sheriff:

Mikhail, you had much work in the previous game, especially in the first half. 

-   I did in the first half. But after the halftime the guys seized the initiative and kept the ball under their control for the most part of the time.

There is expression – to feel defenders. Do you get on with them?

-   I cannot complaint of misunderstanding between us. I feel like we`ve been together for long.

-   Anji is going to start the Europa League campaign. What do you say to that?

-   It`s a good tourney and good test for us. We don`t go to Tiraspol just for the sake of appearance. Despite all the scrapes that we had, I hope, they`re in the past. Indeed, we lacked a bit of time to play back. But this will gradually pass away.

What does it mean - just for the sake of appearance?

Maybe some people think that we`re going to Tiraspol minimizing the importance of points. We don`t divide the matches into tourneys, whether it`s a home league, Russian Cup or European Cup. We prepare for every single game. I think Anji is able to advance from the group. Then we`ll see.