15.09.2013  20:40

Mekhti Dzhenetov: “We must constantly refine ourselves regardless of the score” (VIDEO)

Anji youth team`s goalkeeper Mekhti Dzhenetov shared his impressions of the game:

-    First, I`d like to mark good play of our team. We dominated the second half through. My special congratulations to Yuri Udunyan on his goal. I hope he`ll keep right on.

-    Today you gained a whitewash. Do you have pretensions against your play?

-    There must always be pretensions regardless of match`s outcome. We must refine ourselves, make progress, not rest on our oars, try to get into the first team.

-    B-list of the players registered for the Europa League matches was announced yesterday, it also includes you. Is it an extra motivation for you?

-    Of course, we`re always ready to help the first team. If one of the first string players fails to take the field, the chance will, most probably, come.