03.10.2011  22:34

Mbark Boussoufa: "We`ll grow up and achieve victories"

-    Mbark, did your career witness many matches when the team is attacking, creates goal moments but…

-    It`s football. We had difficult match, the opponent took advantage of our mistake in the very start. We created many goal moments and even judging by them it becomes clear that we had bad luck today.

-    We had better game, when our experienced players made combinations at the foot. Perhaps, was it necessary to use the tactics of shooting on «second floor»?

-    Of course, you are right, we play much better with the ball on the pitch. Eto`o, Zhirkov, Odil, Jucilei, Makhach and me – we try to make combinations and we do it well. But this time we switched to another play as our team was losing. We desired to win back and attacked. Yes, I agree with you, it`s better to play with the ball on the ground.

-    Russian Championship has come to its interval, the players leave to participate for their national teams. Is it difficult to turn from the matches between clubs to those of the national teams also including long flights?

-    All those flights are part of the game. If you are a player and you are called up to the national team so you must be ready for the flights. Even in Anji we have regular flights and got used to them. You have to learn to rest well, recuperate, and all will be ok. I hope that having come back from national teams we`ll gather in the club and concentrate on future achievements of Anji. In conclusion I`d like to address to fans and ask them to treat every result with understanding, as the games can be different. I`m assured that with fans` support the team will grow up and achieve great results.