25.09.2013  23:15

Leonid Slutsky: ‘It`s hard to create goal opportunities on such field’. (VIDEO)

CSKA manager Leonid Slutsky addressed to the media after the match:

-    It`s not easy to comment on the game that was held in such severe weather events. We tried to go on attack, possessed the ball. But didn`t take a shooting position as often as we`d like to. We had some chances, but it`s difficult to create goal opportunities on such problem pitch.

-    Schennikov and Cauna stayed unused substitutes…

-    Schennikov is injured. Cauna is on the roster.

-    What`s the news about the injured?

-    Doumbia and Dzagoyev are about to begin training with the general group.

-    What instructions did you give in the halftime?

-    To make deep passes and shots for goal, especially on such field.

-    You train on good fields, but play on dreadful ones…

-    The game was Rostov was held on a hard pitch, then we played on an ideal one and then on a hard pitch again. It makes big pressure on the players…