19.09.2015  00:40

Kurban Berdyev: “Thank Heaven, it finished like that.” (VIDEO)

FC Rostov head coach Kurban Berdyev:

-    We expected the game to be hard. Anji occupy not that position that they deserve, - the team is rather good.

In the opening minutes we did everything correct, had the lead, converted our scoring chance. However, in the first half we let the opponent make too many counterattacks.
Then we had to make forced sub of Mogilevets. We`ve problems with the Russian footballers and could no way strengthen the play. On the whole, I`m pleased with the victory. This is a very important point for us.

-    In the second half Rostov played below their best. To your mind, why did Rostov fail to show that counter-play that they usually demonstrate?

-    I think there were too many unnecessary losses. We lacked freshness after the Spartak clash. But this doesn`t belittle accomplishments of Anji. It`s just one of the factors, that had an impact. Mogilevets is our structure-forming player in the midfield. We needed him. We made mistakes in the rearrangement. On the whole, the game has been, no doubt, hard. Thank Heaven, it finished like that.