23.07.2013  19:35

In heavy rain

Под проливным дождем

Anji team continues training for the RPL upcoming guest match vs Krylia Sovetov Samara.Под проливным дождем

The Dagestani team`s practice started in the heavy rain. Rene Meulensteen`s sports spirit and energy were transmitted to the players and the workout turned out very emotional.Под проливным дождем

Following the warm-up the players were instructed to do an integrated exercise. It consisted of knee bends with heavy weight plates in arms, crossing of hurdles and stands. The continuation proposed dribbling with low crosses together with teammates who were under the same pressure.Под проливным дождем

 Then the players took part in a two-sided game that was held according to an unusual scheme. The players were split into 4 groups with 3 players in each. Other 4 players stayed neutral. At this, one mini group played on a little part of the field scoring in a standard goal.Под проливным дождем

Another pair competed with the opponents in defeating two small goals of the opponent and defending their own similar goal.

The terms of the exercises for the pairs correspondingly changed in turn.

The players also worked in the gym during the practice.Под проливным дождем

The time of the workout`s duration is 1 hour and 40 minutes.