31.03.2013  23:25

Guus Hiddink: “The host team taught us a good lesson”

Гус Хиддинк: «Хозяева преподали нам хороший урок»Anji manager gave his comments after the game:

-    I never try to find a justification to our failure in other reasons: it`s neither quality of the pitch, nor refereeing. We must always look for mistakes in ourselves. I`ll not plead the absence of the injured players as their traumas are good chances for other footballers to prove themselves.

Krasnodar taught us a good lesson today in the sense of the execution of the opportunities. We missed our chances while Krasnodar finished off their good scoring positions.  4 chances turned into 4 goals.

-    Perhaps, our players simply underestimated the opponent…

-    Not, they didn`t. Krasnodar are rapidly developing, they simply cannot be underestimated. It`s just that we must be more effective on the field, it`s what I`ve said about.

We must take our scoring chances.

-    Can we speak about crises in Anji play?

This word doesn`t refer to football vocabulary, I think it`s more of politics and economics. Yes, we have some problems, in particular, with some injured players on team who miss practices. But we`ll try to set them on their legs as soon as possible and improve our play.

-    What is the reason of Anji`s failures?

-    There are some problems with converting an attack into goal. We go on attack, reach the opponent`s penalty area but fail to bring it to a logical close. If you don`t score a goal, you`ll let it in. That reminded me of our game vs Newcastle when our team created several chances but failed to score and lost.

-    What can you say about that Anji captain Samuel Eto`o attended serie A match Inter vs Juventus?

-    We are in touch with Eto`o. We discussed if there was any sense for him to arrive here given that he wouldn`t be able to perform. For now we don`t know if he`ll be able to take the field in the next match.

Samuel holds three practices per day under the supervision of physiotherapist. We decided not to change the program of his recovery. I permitted him to attend the above-mentioned game. If he worked well all day long why not to go to the match? It`ll also help him to prepare for the next games.