31.08.2012  09:00

Guus Hiddink: "Proud of my boys!" (VIDEO)

FC Anji head coach Guus Hiddink:

- The score looks like the victory has come natural to us. Though in fact the game turned out uneasy. The conceded goal after Boussoufa`s brilliant shot broke AZ. And our team showed a good tactical play. For us it`s important to control the ball, Anji is confident in its power then.

-Why did you decide to substitute Oleg Shatov for Fedor Smolov on the 70th minute at the comfortable score 2:0?

- Shatov seemed to have got light injury. There are not so many halfbacks at our disposal and we face next match already on Sunday. The score allowed to take some risks and field another forward. That`s why I decided to take care of Shatov. I`d like to preserve that backbone that we have built and give the chance to the young athletes to show their worth.

-PSV also promoted to the group stage of the Europa League. Would you like to meet vs Dick Advocaat?

- No, I wouldn`t. I`m through with Dutch teams, fear to be refused in entry to the country next time. On the one part, we`ll be pressed till December due to tight fixtures, on the other - you must always strive for the best. Last season we managed to up to the fifth position and won the right to participate at the Europa League. I`m very thankful to my players who aspire to perfecting themselves, work much, do their utmost.

- What`s a new target of Anji at the Europa League? Maybe you`ll venture the victory at the whole tournament.

- When you win match by match you don`t want to stop. Appetite comes with eating. I`m proud of my boys! Proud of every one of them!

Gertjan Verbeek, head coach of AZ:

-      There is not big difference between losing with the score 0:1 and 0:5. That`s why we are as upset as we were after the match in Moscow which we lost with minimal score. The thing is that Anji is much better than our team, it made correct shifts in the field and possessed the ball. Nevertheless I can say that I`m thankful to my players for that they didn`t give up and tried to score till the last moment, that is what I asked them for in the halftime.