02.04.2013  14:41

Gratitude to Football Club Anji

Благодарность футбольному клубу «Анжи»

Attn: Mr. Suleyman Kerimov


Dear Suleyman Kerimov!

         Let me express sincere gratitude to the administration, the management of football club Anji, all the workers of Anji Arena for their great help and assistance in preparation for the game of Matchday 22 Terek – Zenit that was held in Makhachkala.

When choosing a stadium as a home venue we were confident that we would hold the game at top level with the support of the fraternal people of Dagestan.

Our special thanks to Wild Division fan club and all football fans of the republic of Dagestan who supported FC Terek in the stadium together with their brothers from Chechen republic.

I`m assured that kind partnership relations between our clubs will continue developing and football fans of our clubs will always support each other.

Thank you!


Yours faithfully,

President of FC Terek                                                                                     M. Daudov