29.09.2011  19:06

German Chistyakov: “We thank Gadzhiev for the work done”

Gadzhi Gadzhiev

FC Anji General director German Chistyakov answered the questions of the club`s Press Service:

German Anatolievich, please comment on the last changes made in the coaching staff of the team.

-     After sustained thoughts and discussions there was made a decision to release Gadzhi Gadzhiev from his post. We sincerely thank Gadzhi Muslimovich for the work done especially in the current season. Gadzhiev contributed greatly to the development of the club, of the whole football not only in Daghestan but in Russia as well. We do hope that his knowledge and experience will serve for the benefit of the club and the whole Daghestani football.

Roberto Carlos and Gadzhi Gadzhiev

-    What was the cause of assignment of Carlos and Gordeev as new coaches of team?

-    Yes, we came to a decision that Andrey Gordeev and Roberto Carlos will be at the head of the team. Andrey Gordeev is to function as the head coach, he is an efficient specialist with experience in working on that post and we believe that he`ll be able to help the team in this troublesome moment.    

We must not forget that Andrey Lvovich will preserve the succession as Gadzhi Gadzhiev put much good and necessary in the process of the team`s training, that`s to be maintained.

Andrey Lvovich doubted, thought over this offer, especially from morally-ethical aspect, but after consulting with Gadzhi Muslimovich and conversation with Roberto Carlos agreed to head a team.

Roberto Carlos will help him. It's well-considered and not a spontaneous step too. Roberto is the leader of the team, since the first matches of a season championed new coach's ideas on the pitch and out of it. He has huge authority in a team and it will make our coaching' staff stronger.

We hope that Andrey's and Roberto's work won`t make us think of searching another expert.

- Was this decision made under the pressure of the fans? After all many people will consider so.

 - No, making such important decisions are based not on opinions or desires of fans. It is very important to us to hear and listen to fans of team, but decisions of such degree of importance are accepted always taking into account a large quantity of factors and nuances.