26.07.2013  19:00

Games on fresh pitch

Игры на свежем газонеAnji team continues preparing for the match of RPL Week 3 vs Krylia Sovetov Samara.

The practice was held on one of the natural fields of Luzhniki Sport Complex.

Игры на свежем газоне

It`s dull and cool in Moscow today. Perhaps, in view of the weather conditions the coaching staff completed the warm-up with the elements of the active Russian children`s games. The sportsmen enjoyed the play, that helped them get ready for the following training loads.

Игры на свежем газоне

In the regular time the players did one more exercise that required the use of markers, standard footballs and stability balls. The task of the game was to catch an opponent and take away his ball or marker.

By the end of the competition Christopher Samba had three stability balls, but went on catching the opponents!

Игры на свежем газоне

During the two-sided game, competed by the Green and the Blue teams, Rene Meulensteen gave numerous tactical instructions to the players again, demanding their strict fulfillment on the field.

Игры на свежем газоне

At the end of the workout the attacking line players improved converting of low crosses and lobs towards the penalty box into shots on goal.

Yuri Zhirkov, who had come back to the team`s disposal, did rehab exercises.