21.11.2013  21:05

Gadzhi Gadzhiev: “At camp we worked on our offense more”. (VIDEO)

Head coach of Anji Makhachkala Gadzhi Gadzhiev sums up the results of Turkish training camp and says when the national players will join the team.

Гаджи Гаджиев: «На сборе много работали над атакой»

On results of camp

-    As usual, there are games, on which we worked harder, and matches, a game plan to which we failed to fulfill. In this sense, there is nothing extra in it.
Life always makes allowances to our plans. In our case, we perfected our offensive play, our ability to go on attack and we spent less time than planned improving our ability of ball control.

Гаджи Гаджиев: «На сборе много работали над атакой»

Importance of our victory over Antalyaspor

-    Any victory brings positive emotions, no matter if it`s gained in a friendly or official game, in the European Cup or the domestic league match.
Victory is promotive of emotional workout and helps to sooner rehabilitate from a game. I think this match has been uneasy for us. We played on November 17, prior to it, on November 15, we received rather considerable workload after a flight to Turkey, the following day, Nov.16, we held two practices and, in the morning of the following day, we had tactical workout. In fact, we didn`t specially prepared for the match, the sportsmen wouldn`t have gone for a win but for a strong motivation.
The game turned out qualitative not only in the team`s self-commitment, physical readiness, but also in substantive aspects. As usual, we made mistakes.

Гаджи Гаджиев: «На сборе много работали над атакой»

Ilya Maximov`s state of health:

-    Of course, we expect him to come on to the field. Indeed, he`s not in the best state of health. His taking of the field is important firstly as he`s an intellectually mature athlete, able to take a fresh look to the situation and make reasonable decisions.
To my mind, the ability to think big is what we lacked on offense.
Very often we failed to find correct decisions. At the same time, we`ve learnt to switch to attack. Unfortunately, while one player joins our team another one comes out of action. It`s Solomatin. Doctors are unable to diagnose his illness, though he was medically examined in Medical Center of Moscow. As the doctors concluded, his injury is of little seriousness. However, his knee ached and had to be re-tested.  That`s why he left for the place which traditionally hosts all the players of the Premier League – Germany.

Гаджи Гаджиев: «На сборе много работали над атакой»

About national teams` players coming back to the team:
-    National team players will miss our practices until November, 22. We have two practices fixed for Nov.22 and 23. Of course, it`s too less. Odil Akhmedov made appearance for his homeland team yesterday and will join us on Nov. 22.
Our fitness trainer is in Moscow now, he works with Razak and Epureanu.