29.08.2013  15:25

Gabulov, Samba and Ionov to Dinamo

Габулов, Самба и Ионов – в «Динамо»Football club Anji and football club Dinamo have agreed on transfer of goalkeeper Vladimir Gabulov, fullback Christopher Samba and halfback Alexey Ionov to the Moscow side.

We thank the players for their role in our team, our special thanks to Vladimir and Christopher for their contribution to achievement of Anji`s first medals.

It is to be recalled, that Gabulov moved to Anji in summer 2011, having played for a half a year on loan, he made appearances in 56 games for the Dagestani side in 2012-2013.

Samba joined the team in 2012, performed for the whole year for Anji, after a six-month absence he played 4 more matches for the Makhachkala club ( 43 games in total). Ionov has taken part in 6 games for the team this summer.

We wish further success and new achievements to the players.