28.08.2012  17:08

Eto`o - at round table in RFPL

The round table with the leaders of the Premier League clubs` fan-groups took place today.

The event was participated by the captain of FC Anji Samuel Eto`o. He expressed his opinion on the row of the burning questions.

About fans:
-    Football cannot exist without fans. My heart is always open for them and while I play here I will support all Russian clubs at Eurocup.

About possibility to host the Europa League matches in Dagestan:

-    It`s important to make Russia be seen everywhere. We must realize that the Russian Football is a big ambassador in this sphere.  And when the foreign teams arrive to our place such games are the chance to create an image of the country. Thus we provide those teams with the chance to open Russia. That`s why I am against holding Anji home matches abroad. If you remember I put on specially the jersey with writing “I want to hold Europa League matches in Dagestan”.

Maybe in Russia Makhachkala is a dangerous place, but isn`t Israel a dangerous country? Aren`t the Europa League matches held in Tel Aviv? If we go deeper into the political issues we`ll never get out of it. Football is apolitical.

About talented youth:
-    There are very many players of that kind. To my mind the best young footballers of Russia are Shatov, Gadzhibekov and Tagirbekov.

After the conversation the forward shared his commentaries:
-    I feel that the dialogue and the points of mutual coincidence can be found. The people I spoke with looked adequate and reasonable. It`s obvious that we can assist in the positive processes in the Russian football only by joint efforts.