07.07.2011  22:27

Draw in first sparring

Anji newcomer Balazs Dzsudzsak was one of the best players in the squad in the control match against Zadar Croatia.

Anji – Zadar Croatia – 0:0

Anji: Revishvili (Makarov, 46), Gadzhibekov (Mirzabekov, 46), Joao Carlos (Klyava, 46), Tagirbekov (Igonin, 46), Agalarov (Ibragimgadzhiev, 46), Dzsudzsak (Kuzmichev, 46), M. Gadzhiev (Bakaev, 46; Slavov, 72), Ivanov (Kukharchuk, 46; Mirzaev, 82), Kebe (Prudnikov, 46), Muhammad (Djako, 46), Holenda (Eliakwu, 46).

Zadar: Jezina, Con, Puljic, Banovic, Surac, Vasily, Jerbic, Torbarina, Gerk, Bilem, Maruna. 

7 July. Kumberg (Austria).

Our team had first sparring in Austrian camp. Anji coaching staff gave chance to almost every player to prove themselves. Injured Jucilei, Tardelli, Boussoufa and Lakhiyalov missed the match as they were training according to their individual recovery program. The newcomer of Anji Balazs Dzsudzsak came on the pitch whose activity baffled Croatian team defense. After the break Gadzhi Gadzhiev sent on the pitch few youngsters who by the way showed reasonably good football.

After first ten minutes Dzsudzsak approved his skill to attack the goal. Having cut over the midfield alone Balazs made a left leg kick, ball was close to Croatian goal. Later on, the defender of Hungary national football team assisted to his teammates in advantageous situations. Firstly Muhammad caught pass punched by Balazs and hit higher the crossbar. In another episode Balazs could shoot himself but he chose to give the ball to Ivanov.

Zadar by the way was remarkably by two hits at the woodwork frame. In first case it was Revishvili who rescued the team – the ball sprang from his hands, hit the upper V and flew back to the field. Secondly the ball was punched into the penalty area and beat the crossbar.

Anji was bound to score before the break. Dzsudzsak punched a high cross at the nearest cross-bar, Joao Carlos steered his header further but Kebe who was standing in beneficial position missed the point.

In the second half quite the different squad came on the pitch. On 55 minute Anji produced a risky moment. Kukharchuk broke in the penalty area and sent a ball at the nearest goal corner. Prudnikov was in time to finish the blow but missed. Forward Eliakwu was rather active, unfortunately he lost the opportunity to headbutt the pass sent by Ibragimgadzhiev. 7 minutes before the final whistle Isah again attacked Zadar goal but Khukharchuk was late to score.

In the end of the battle our team had several attacks. Prudnikov`s opportunity to score penalty kick was sent straight to the goalkeeper`s hands. Last shot by Ibragimgadzhiev missed the goal.