26.09.2011  23:14

Caucasian derby, exciting ending

Samuel Eto`o

Goal: Pavlenko, 8 (0:1). Eto`o, 14 (1:1). Vlasov, 88 (1:2). Joao Carlos, 90+2 (2:2).

Anji: Revishvili, Tagirbekov, Joao Carlos, Gadzhibekov, Roberto Carlos, Agalarov (Lakhiyalov, 73), Jucilei, Zhirkov, Akhmedov (Prudnikov, 54), Boussoufa, Eto`o.

Terek: Dzhanaev, Omel`yanchuk, Yatchenko, Ferreira, Iiranek, Georgiev, Maurisiu, Pavlenko, Gvazava (Vlasov, 81), Lezhar (Katsaev, 75), Asildarov (Mguni, 86).

Suspension: Agalarov, 29.

Referee: NIKOLAEV, Kalugin, Mosyakin (everybody from Moscow).

Shamil Lakhiyalov

This match totally proved its status of hot Caucasian derby. It was full of everything: intrigue till the final whistle, thrist for battle, lot of goal moments and needless to say – overcrowded stands. Unfortunately both teams in their own way stayed disappointed with the result: guests from Chechnya were upset with missed victory while the host team expected something more than a draw from the very start of the clash.

Alexander Prudnikov

However, the score was opened by Pavlenko. As he received ball in the left-wing he moved to the center, outplayed the marker, came close to the penalty area and shot at our goal – 0:1.

Samuel Eto`o

Makhachkala team did not hesitate in giving the return answer: short combination at the penalty area, bounce and Eto`o standing in the shooting position scored his third goal – 1:1.

The host team did their best to exploit success but failed. Anji attacks faded in Terek defense. The most exciting episodes took place on 27th and 28th minutes: Akhmedov head butted the ball from a meter distance but his shot was blocked by the defender. After Roberto Carlos`s kick Ferreira caught the ball on the very goal line. 

Alexander Prudnikov

Even after the halftime Anji kept on attacking its opponent. Zhirkov failed to hold the cross sent from right-wing, Eto`o made assist to Prudnikov but missed; Roberto Carlos made a distance shot at the goalpost…

Our team produced many goal moments, nice approaches but failed to tip the scale in its favor. As the result Vlasov reached penalty area and shot below the crossbar 1:2. 

Anji - Terek

With few minutes left Anji did not give up attacking and rescued the match. In the injury time Joao Carlos got left-wing cross and equalized the score having head butted the ball – 2:2.

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