25.09.2013  17:12

Anji - Tottenham. Ticket Info

«Анжи» - «Тоттенхэм». Билетная программа

Dear fans!

Football club Anji informs that the Europa League home match of our club can be attended by no more than 6500 fans.

Following the announcement of the UEFA decision to extend the ban on the Europa League matches in Makhachkala, our club faced a serious problem – a number of Russia`s stadiums meeting the UEFA group stage requirements is limited.

Having held a set of consultations, our club arrived at a decision to register the stadium in Ramenskoye, Moscow region, as a home venue.

However, seeing that Saturn stadium isn`t completely equipped with necessary number of admission full-height turnstiles and due to some technical deficiency, it was decided to admit only that number of fans, that can be coped with by the stadium`s permit system.

It should be added, that, as the analysis of Anji matchmaking in Ramenskoy revealed, the games had been attended by 4-6 000 spectators in average.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned reasons and having no chance to change the match venue (as the number of Russia`s stadiums meeting the UEFA Europa League requirements is limited) we`ve come up with the only possible solution – the Europa League home match of Anji can be attended by no more than  6 500 fans.

FC Anji expresses gratitude to the Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior for understanding and assistance in such a difficult situation.

We make an apology to our fans for inconvenience and hope that an intelligent and correct ticket sale to the Europa League matches will allow the club`s most faithful fans to attend the games.

Attention, tickets are sold only upon presentation of passport.

Tickets to the Anji – Tottenham match cost:

 Stand, Sector   price (rub.)
The North stand:
 VIP-1  1000
 VIP-2  1000
 VIP-3  1000
 VIP-4  500
 VIP-5  500
  The South stand:
Sector А  300
Sector B
Sector C

Tickets will be on sale in:

- the Luzhniki ticket offices from Sept.27 until Oct.2, 2013.

Offices` working hours are from 11.00 -19.00.

- the Saturn ticket offices of Ramenskoye – Oct. 1,2 from 11.00-19.00. Oct.3 from 11.00-21.00.

Free of charge train, organized specially for Anji fans, will depart from Kazansky railway station on Oct.3.

Departure Moskva–Kazanskaya-Ramenskoye at 17.00.
Departure Ramenskoye–Moskva-Kazanskaya at 23.00.