18.09.2013  18:43

Anji in Moldova

«Анжи» прилетел в Молдову

This morning Anji got to Chisinau by a charter flight and then spent 1 hour to reach Tiraspol by bus.

Gadzhi Gadzhiev couldn`t arrive to Tiraspol as he had caught cold. Like in the previous match the duties of the head coach at the Sheriff-Anji game will be performed by senior coach Andrey Gusin.

For various reasons Ilya Maximov (injury), Abdul Razak, Vadim Demidov and Andrey Eschenko, who still get into good physical shape, will miss tomorrow`s encounter.

Pre-match press conference is scheduled for 19.30 (local time), with Andrey Gusin and fullback Alexander Epureany taking part in. The team will have a practice on the field of the Sheriff sports complex at 20.00.