18.09.2013  20:24

Andrey Gusin: “Start is a matter of big responsibility”. (VIDEO)

Anji senior coach Andrey Gusin spoke to the media at the pre-match press conference:

-    This is a start. The start is always a matter of big responsibility. We realize the significance both of the tourney and of the match. Our only task is to earn a win.

-    What feeling is dominating – an excitement or a desire to win?

-    Excitement is possible, but it must pass with the starting whistle. Everybody is full of strength and desire. The most important is to control emotions and demonstrate self-confidence, then to fulfill the game plan.

-    Will you communicate with Gadzhiev by telephone?

-    If Gadzhiev sees fit he`ll call me himself.

-    When will we see Gadzhiev again?

-    The more points we gain, the sooner it`ll happen. The lads realize the situation we find ourselves in and will do their best. I hope Gadzhi Mislimovich will recover soon. We`re always in touch with him discussing the previous and upcoming matches.

-    It`ll be your debut after all, aren`t you nervous?

-    No, I`m not.

-    Will Anji manage to nullify the opponent`s strong points?

-    It`s a good question. We`ll see it tomorrow. We`ve got the lowdown on the opponent, but won`t disclose the details.

-    Were the players told that Sheriff had beaten Dynamo Kiev in olden times?

-    Old matches are of no importance for us.

-    Is there a task put before the team for the Europa League?

-    We must win in every match and put all efforts to advance from the group.

-    Will the roster be rotated after the unsuccessful match in Tomsk?

-    We`ll see it tomorrow.