22.09.2013  17:19

Andrey Gusin: ‘Everybody played to his maximum’

Anji senior coach Andrey Gusin spoke with the media:

-    The match was uneasy for both teams, it was held on a hard pitch. However, our situation was more difficult: very busy schedule, too less time for rehabilitation. We were given just 60 hours to train exactly for this match.

Nonetheless, I think our team played well, showed motion, led the game and made frequent shots for goal. Perhaps, we lacked that accuracy that Volga possessed. I think we could have won the match but for the disputable, I`ll go so far to say, false decisions of the referee. I mean a late half-time goal and a waved away penalty in the second half.

-    What was the reason to award the penalty?

-    Our player caught the ball first, but the goalie jumped into him, then our player was on the ground. I say our player was first to catch the ball!
The referee interpreted many episodes not in our favour. Disputable free kicks after challenges for the ball…However, Volga`s opening goal was scored from such free kick.

I don`t want to accuse the referee of everything. Our team lost, we let Putilo score, it was a good goal but scored through our fault.

On the whole, we showed a solid play during the first 30 minutes and dominated the second half through. Unfortunately, we failed to win the game.

-    Who would you point out on the team?

-    I think there is no need to point anybody out. Everyone played to his maximum. I can`t reproach anybody for unwillingness.

-    If it wasn`t for refereeing, what outcome would be logical?

-    Our victory. We`re always set for victory- it`s always been the case and will be. As the play showed, we could lead it to the win.

-    Didn`t the fact that three players of Anji were performing against their ex-team embarrass you?

-    Embarrass? I think Grigalava played well. Kerzhakov… I need to watch the repeat. In principle, usually the players are well-motivated going against their ex-teams. This match wasn`t an exception.

-    How does Gadzhi Muslimovich feel?

-    He arrived and was on the bench today. He feels better and decided to support us. We hope he`ll be with us all the time.

-    Who gave instructions in the change room in the halftime?

-    Gadzhi Muslimovich was with us on the bench, ahead of the match, in the halftime, he`s a head coach after all.

-    Why hasn`t Gadzhiev come to the press conference?

-    Gadzhi Muslimovich still doesn`t feel well. I`d like you to regard the situation with favour. As soon as he feels well you`ll communicate with him at press conference.