20.09.2013  00:05

Andrey Gusin: ‘Absence of some players had an impact on our play’. (VIDEO)

Anji senior coach Andrey Gusin spoke to the media after the match:

-    The match turned out rather tense. Sheriff intended to show a defensive play and leave no space for us. We kept control over the ball, created several goal chances, but failed to take them. Unfortunately, we missed Epureany and Traore to injuries. It effected our offensive play. We needed a player able to make a closing pass. We played well for the most part of the meet, except for the ending that featured lots of dangerous inswingers.

-    What was a game plan? Are there any pretensions against the players?

-    No pretensions. The players performed to their maximum. There were episodes when we made mistakes and let the opponent be threatening on counterattacks. On the whole, our team worked well. We planned to press on the opponent`s defense, to switch from defense to offense. The opponent defended as best it could, that`s why we created not so many goal chances.

-    What`s happened to Traore?

-    Lacina has injured his shoulder, we asked him to play till the halftime, he asked us to replace him and we finally did it. Medical check-up will reveal what kind of injury he`s got. We`re in a difficult situation. We`ve recently missed Maximov to injury, we wouldn`t like to miss also Traore.

-    Is there any concrete news about Gadzhiev? Will he be able to come back to the team for the match vs Volga?

-    I hope. We do hope Gadzhi Muslimovich will recover soon, we wanted to make him happy today, but failed.