30.08.2012  13:36

Andrey Gordeev: “To curb pressure and control play”

The coach Andrey Gordeev shared his opinion on the forthcoming match AZ - Anji:

-       AZ is unlikely to rush forward headlong, it shows another football, tactical, and they realize that to give spare space to our forwards means run risks. But anyway AZ must win back and it`ll press our goal. The target of Anji is to curb this pressure and try to keep the game under its control.

But these notions are common because in football you can never plan the course of the game beforehand. Any offensive ricochet or knoll and the opponent is keeping the score 1:0… All this cannot be predicted but we have an idea how to build a correct play in Alkmaar. Of course I`ll not disseminate the details of it.