29.09.2011  20:47

Andrey Gordeev and Shamil Lakhiyalov about forthcoming game vs Lokomotiv.

Andrey Gordeev acting head coach of Anji estimates chances of our team in the forthcoming game vs Lokomotiv.

—It will be a serious match. Lokomotiv has good course, they have high-quality game, coaches work confidently, and there are many positive emotions in the team.

But it was never easy to anybody in Makhachkala, and I hope it won't be. It's very important how we will act. And certainly, it would be desirable to continue that line which GadzhiMuslimovich began, who created this team and put his whole soul into it.

Did changing of coach become psychological blow for a team?

— You should ask players about that. They were training well, the desire to work was felt. Certainly, it's unpleasant emotions for all of us. Personally for me it's the big loss, after all it's a question of the colleague and the person to whom I am madly grateful and also who I respect very much. And in general, it is life, it is football, and one has to worry and feel such negative emotions...

I hope that the team will go forward, earn the points, and players can adequately get over this thing.

Shamil, what you think about forthcoming game vs Lokomotiv?

— Lakhiyalov: I think, it will be very important game for us, because Lokomotiv is our direct competitor on hit in the five. After some events which had occurred in our team, resignation of the head coach and assignment of the new head coach, all this can give new emotions. And after last match fans were dissatisfied with our game and result. I would like to ask them to support us, their support is necessary to us.

Was the dismissal of Gadzhi Muslimovich psychological blow for a team?

— If there was psychological blow, it means we showed our weakness, but we are strong players, and it shouldn't prevent us from winning.