18.09.2013  20:34

Alexander Epureanu: “Only after the match we`ll see who had the upper hand”

Fullback of the Dagestani team Alexander Epureany gave his commentary at the pre-match press conference:

-    It`ll be a hard game. Both teams will fight for win. I think the match will be entertaining.

-    Did the news that Anji is drawn against Sheriff make you happy?

-    I`m glad that Sheriff has progressed to the group stage. It`s my native team.

-    How much is Anji`s victory in tomorrow`s match important for the team from psychological aspect?

-    It would be good to win in order to recover ourselves a bit. The victory would do well to us from all points of view.

-    Have you got the feel of the team? You`re a newcomer of Anji…

-    The adaptation process is still underway, I find no problem in it.

-    How much important is the Europa League campaign exactly for you? You`ve not made regular appearances in the European Cup league, right?

-    To make appearance in the European Cup is a desire of many players. It`s very important and interesting for me as well.

-    What`s your estimation of the opponents` chances?

-    It`s hard to tell it now. The match will start with the score 0-0. Only after the match we`ll see who had the upper hand.