Season ticket bought at profit! Support your team!

Dear fans!

FC Anji accomplishes the 2014-2015 season tickets sale.
The current season Anji have played 7 home games. The team face 11 encounters, in which they will need your support. Buying the season ticket you become a holder of the individual seat at the stadium. Besides, you save your time and money.
You can buy the season ticket every day from 10.00-19.00 at Anji Arena ticket offices, having filled in a form at the ticket offices (or do it yourself having downloaded the form at the link).

Attention! FC Anji make a not less favorable offer for the families with kids. Buying the season ticket to the family sector you receive not only a perfect place for the match, but an opportunity to bring two kids aged 0-13 to the game. Please, note, adults with no kids won`t be allowed to the sector.
More detailed information is available at the link.

It`s to be recalled that the 2014-2015 season ticket holders will have a unique chance to get a ticket to the same seat prior to the start of the next season at the privileged price.

The final day of the season tickets sale is October 10.

Please, note that the ticket price is reduced with consideration of previous matches. The season tickets cost:

PRICE (rub.)
Stand А 2, 4, 6, 8, 7 (family sector) 1 000
Stand C 25 - 36 1 000
Stand B 9-15, 17-24 500
Stand D 46-49
Stand B 16 400 (privileged price for fan clubs)
Stand D 42, 44 
400 (privileged price for fan clubs)
Stand A VIP Diamond 3 800
Stand C VIP Gold 3 200